Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Digital Learning Day, 2014 - Digital Work with Hill Central 1st Grade Writers @OfficialDLDay @digitalis @writingproject

Dear Creative Friends, Colleagues, and Family,

I am pleased to announce support for Digital Learning Day, 2014, and the vision that every child should graduate with the knowledge and social skills necessary for a successful life in the 21st century.

Yesterday, I learned with 1st graders at Hill Central Academy in New Haven, Connecticut, and set a personal goal to compose a mini-narrative for today's Digital Learning celebration. Oi Vay! IMovie changed its tools and I'm getting old; I just can't keep up with new tricks! Fortunate for me, though, I have a snow day to try!  This digital narration was a logical next step as Hill Central has been working on writing across the curriculum, establishing vertical team alignment, and supporting writing workshops in all content areas. Last December we began by attaining wisdom from Eric Komoroff and his Community of Unity work in New York City. We are finding a song - our unique purpose as teachers - while preparing for Kwame Alexander's visit in April.  

Today, however, Alliance for Excellent Education is sharing the numerous ways educators use technology in everyday practice to enhance student learning. Last year, I explored the Ten Reasons I Love Digital Platforms, and this year I am reflecting on the power of new technologies to spur creativity, innovation, and change in Connecticut classrooms.  

A few shy students and a dying recorder battery inhibited some from sharing their work here. Boo on this (with apologies to the wonderful kids who hosted me in their class yesterday).

Still, I encourage everyone to share what they are doing on the Digital Learning Day website. The national movement and information about becoming part of the February 5th celebration are located there.

And don’t forget to visit the National Writing Project's Digital Is website. Online platforms unite like-minded thinkers beautifully. The mission is to bring best practices for literacy instruction to all schools.

With Kreativitet and Kuumba for 2014,


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