Monday, November 24, 2014

And When I Reflect on The Last Week In DC, I Am Thankful I Could Share It w/ CT Friends

Since 2012, Julie and Shaun have been my CWP-Fairfield super couple. They're not exactly a couple, per se, but they are a dynamic duo. There's more to ying and yang in the world of teaching --- there is also yeng, yung, and yong, too. In other words, I can't do all I have to do without outstanding and brilliant colleagues who teach alongside of me. These two ying and yang my yong yung yeng.

Yesterday, the three of us presented on textual, tech-tual, and textured lineages at the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention. We had a small, but wonderful, crowd of participants, which included the brilliant insight of Dr. Steven Bickmore from LSU. I was so proud when, after the presentation, participants stuck around to sing praises and to extend the conversation. Even as we departed in our caravan to Union Station, a teacher came up to us to say, "That really was a phenomenal, inspirational piece of work. You gave me so much to think about."

I was so proud of my good friends. I love having them in my world. They make everything I do with CWP-Fairfield feel extra special.

We nerded in the food car at a table, plugged in our devices and read our students' work, planned for the week, processed for lost time, and reflected on how fortunate we wereto know one another. It's a good team that spends too little time together...a crew who unconditionally supports one another with wishes for nothing but wonderful success, collegial support, and writing achievement. It's too bad every week didn't offer a conference for us to attend and to explore the world. We're getting pretty good at it.

I awoke this morning with absolute thankfulness that these two are in my life.

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