Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Official: Thanksgiving Is Over and the Spirit of the Holiday Season Is Upon Me (and so is creative procrastination). Yup.

This post is a declaration of modest success, post-Thanksgiving, in accomplish my #LRA14 conference goals. I awoke early, hammered upon the book chapter that was due on creating a global framework for reading young adult literature, then instantly I began working on the Writing Our Lives-Bridgeport analysis for an upcoming conference. I managed a run in there somewhere, and then saw Justine D's profile switched on Facebook and remembered a friend bought a Santa Clause outfit for me last year, so I knew I had to put it on.

That's when I temporarily procrastinated to make a JPEG. See, during the turkey fest, I dappled in JibJab's new phone app and saw my face on a blonde bombshell and instantly thought of Justine. I couldn't help but send it to her saying, "Hey, if we had a kid, this is what it would look like...," but then I remembered Herbie.

Justine saw the image above and, hailing from upstate New York, decided that if we were to have a child together, we definitely would name it Wegman Rochester Crandall, the 1st - a shout out to the greatest grocery chain in the United States and our connected upbringing to cities upstate.

After I took this creative break, I wore my outfit to put up the lights around the house. Yes, I know I may be moving soon, but I couldn't imagine not having my customary light whites around the house. It was a nice break before setting forth on my second #LRA14 paper, Crevices in the Curriculum, which explores insight offered by Somali-youth in my research and what they wished teachers offered instructionally in their school.

And of course basketball season is underway so I actually turned my television on and had background noise. Chitunga and I finished off the T-Day leftovers and now it's the weekend and I'm wondering what I should cook to maintain sustenance until Wednesday when I leave for Florida.

Man, I would make an ugly chick and, yes, in a few years I will be able to grow a full white beard like Santa. But for now, it's another day of writing and organizing, so I can begin concentrating on my classes for the week, grading, and setting up the final stretch for graduate students.

Fa la la la la la la la la.

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