Friday, November 7, 2014

Peter, I Really Dig the Socks. Actually, I Admire The Work You're Doing With Connecticut Police Force, Too.

Last night, I attended Dr. Diana Hulse and Captain Peter McDermott's book talk on their most recent publication, Policing in the 21st Century. I teased Peter than he purposefully chose a sweater to color coordinate with the Fairfield University backdrop, but then when he sat I realized his socks were even better coordinated. Not too shabby for a retired police officer. And he has competition, too. Diana is one of the most impeccable dressers on Fairfield's campus.

Actually, Peter and Diana have been collaborating for several years on writing a manuscript to fuse law enforcement with best practices in counseling, dialogue and listening - areas really needed in police training, they claim (and I imagine a vast majority of the United States would agree).

Diana and Peter have their presentation down to the "t" and engage audiences with practical advice that works - advice I'm hoping will carry over to Abu Bility when he leaves SUNY Brockport this year with his college degree and looks to build a career in law enforcement (I am thankful to the advice Captain McDermott has been willing to share with him, too).

Of course, the entire drive home from the presentation, I was thinking I would inevitably be pulled over having to deal with an irate officer that I'd have to suggest the book for. It, thankfully, didn't happen though. Instead, I came home, graded, and wrote recommendations.

And now it's Friday.

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