Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sometimes, The Best Nights Are Unpredictable and Just Happen. A Case When Worlds Collide

It was 5:30. I decided to take a break from writing and I went for a run. When I returned, Alexis, my new roommate, arrived to move her clothes into her room and she brought with her three best friends. Coincidentally, one of them turned out to be Attallah Sheppard, the Diva, and that is when everything turned upside down. The next four hours turned into conversation, spicy soup, horseradish cheese, and friendship.

I didn't expect Halloween to be so adventurous, but when Chitunga arrived home from work I said, "Son, I think our universe has just been altered to the better. Welcome to the new universe."

It turns out that Chitunga knew Alexis and her friends from his work at Yale Gear Up and for the evening that unfolded, it was as if everyone was talking at once about graduate school, Dear White People, life in the 20s, a new life in Stratford, and a commitment to excellence for us all.

The Great Whatever.

I'm a nerd. I like my quiet space to be serene and simple. I sit on my chair, do my work, and sometimes cook a good meal. Last night, however, I realized that the doorway opened up to coincidences, friendships, a Connecticut family, and chapters yet to be written.

The pattern of Bryan nerding out with academic responsibilities and Chitunga studying vocabulary and preparing for the Marines and/or college was hijacked by four beautiful women looking for minor entertainment before they hit the town. Suddenly the sanctuary became renaissance and indicators of evenings to come were quickly introduced.

As long as they're on Fridays, I will be okay. A guy has to have a break every now and again.

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