Friday, October 31, 2014

Man Succumbing to Paperwork, Reports, Conferences, Grading, and OtherAcademic Stress #Halloween2014

As of this post I have no plans to do anything with Halloween. That's not my norm, but I'm locking my doors, strapping my butt into my writing chair, and working ALL DAY. Yesterday was a bonanza of car issues, house purchase disappointment, emails, and phone calls. Today is a confluence of multiple deadlines that I have not found time to meet.

So this is my costume. I am going as a stick figure man in a red t-shirt swimming in paper. What am I? Overwhelmed!

I am sure many of my colleagues understand this feeling - it's just that it usually doesn't arrive at Halloween, but this year the timing leads to the 31st.

The good news is that my house is scary looking, there are few trick or treaters who venture onto the highly trafficked Nichols Avenue, and it is doubtful any kid will walk up my steep driveway and stairs. This is why I somewhat have to boycott the evening (although I traditionally have gone to homes where candy can be handed out).

I write not to bum anyone out (even myself), but to declare to the universe, "I've got a lot of work to do today." Not only is it this Friday, but it's everyday for what looks like an eternity. Yet, I learned from my dissertation experience, if I put my head down, shine my horns, I can successfully get through it all.

That is the goal. Besides, I haven't had sugar, candy, bread, rice, or pasta in several weeks. The whole notion of rotting my teeth with this event today is not on my radar. With that noted, I say to you, "Go For It! Eat all that is truly pleasurable!"

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