Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slimed By a High School Friend (okay, Prom Date). National Breast Cancer Awareness Month @Pink_Bracelets

Today I will write in pink. Yesterday, I wrote with normal fonts and colors, but in the afternoon my high school prom wrote a post on Facebook that she was rolling on her kitchen floor in butter while dressed like a slug. Her confession caught my attention because, well... I have fond memories of doing such things with my high school prom date while we were young (in college, too). We learned that utter rarely hurts anyone when it is used on the outside of the body.

Kirsten's ploy worked. I was duped by her and I responded, "Well, that's what I'm doing right now, too....flopping around in butter" She wrote back to report that this was her way of getting me to be part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Because she caught my attention, I was obligated to get the attention of others.

It worked. That is why I write today.

My grandmother Vera had breast cancer and was a survivor. She didn't talk about it much. Instead, she lived as a humble, hardworking, and empathetic individual who preferred spending her time caring for others. She didn't like any attention being drawn her way. As a result, my memories of her battle are slight, but now my curiosity has grown to know more about that time in her life. 

While teaching in Kentucky, too, many of my high school students had relatives who battled breast cancer and, yearly, we did the Breast Cancer walks in Louisville. I still have many of the t-shirts given for all the money we donated to the cause. 

I'm really glad I was slimed by Kirsten yesterday. I believe that awareness is very important and that men like me should be aware of breast cancer statistics and ways for contributing. The key for this month campaign is to keep the subject central to conversations we have in the United States about our bodies, health, and care for others.

I'm dedicating today to the impressive campaign that oozed its way into my creative radar. I knew I had to stop, reflect, and respond as soon as I was reminded of the campaign. I challenge you to do the same. 

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