Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday Nights Are Meant For Rejuvenation and This Calls For an Art Walk At Erector Square in New Haven

When you're exhausted from a workweek, tired from playing catch up on curriculum and grading all day Saturday, the best thing to do is to go for a run, shower, and then join friends for the Art Festival at Erector Square in New Haven.

I knew Gordon Skinner was being featured, but it was also great to see the floors opened up to numerous artists in the area selling their wares. I walked around taking notes about pieces I would like to create should I find the time (and energy).

As I meandered, I couldn't help but think about how skewed our world is. Lawyers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, athletes and actors makes lots of money with what they do, but it really should be the artists who are most revered by society. As I saw all the talent in each of the rooms and recognized with each the notion of "struggling," I thought to myself, "Our society has it all backwards. These are the geniuses of culture and they should be viewed as Kings and Queens. They are creators, makers, communicators, and visionaries. They express their worldview in creative ways and represent the hard work and focus of staying dedicated, thinking critically, and finding a way to express." Yet, most of these individuals do it as a hobby, not to get by.

It seems silly.

They are our culture's superheroes and I left feeling inspired and ready to begin making myself.

I am sad, too, to think that most schools have rid their art and creative programs. What a shame. It is a marker for everything wrong in education and it should be turned around. Each and every day we should be expected to wake up, think about the universe, and sculpt/paint/draw/build/write/ and doodle what it is that is on our minds.

That, to me, is what life should be about.

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