Monday, October 20, 2014

I Am Keeping Calm, Writing On, Teaching On, and Reflecting On! #writemycommunity #CE14 @writingproject @ncte

How awesome is it that one day, every year, there's a space in the universe to reflect on writing, creativity, composing, creating, and making the world a better place? Phew! Thinking about it, it seems to be a grueling task - but it is an art form I celebrate, uphold, and dedicate my life upon.

And, it is stressful.

Teaching, guiding, mentoring, reflecting, drafting, editing, supporting, coaching, playing, wondering, being, and believing - so many verbs! How else to proceed forward than with a calm sense that writing will deliver me to the places I most wish to explore.

So, how will Crandall spend this occasion?

Here's a few ways:
  1. Several writing prompts have been delivered to schools, encouraging them to reflect on writing with me.
  2. I am posting on Kreativitet.
  3. I am assessing several midterms for content areas teachers exploring literacy in their fields.
  4. I am presenting to a research methods course on what I learned from working with relocated refugee youth and their writing lives.
  5. I am challenging my numerical literacy while writing an offer with a real estate agent! Whoa!
  6. I am meeting with my administrative assistant in support of the second publication of POW!
  7. CWP-Fairfield will launch a Literacy4Life initiative in support of the how athletics and literacy interconnect.
  8. I await an email from CT Mirror about the launch of a collaborative website project showcasing teacher Op Eds.
  9. I will plan two classes for Tuesday night: one on content area vocabulary and another on writing to inform and explain.
  10. Finally, I will send a digital birthday song to the twins at Brockport and put my sister's BDay card in the mail so it reaches her by the 24th.
I can't imagine any day without writing or thinking about the ways writing enhances our world. Even so, today is extra special. 

Here's to everyone else dancing through the National Day on Writing

Write on!

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