Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finding Creative Outlets Wherever They Present Themselves. Binders ForHalloween.

A truth about Graduate Schools of Education. There is never a shortage of binders lying around. In fact, I think they breed whenever we're not looking because every time I turn a corner, there's another piled stacked from reports of yesteryear, classroom projects, office organizing, and conference distribution.

At Fairfield, some of these binders find their ways in the strangest of locations and this morning, while making final edits to a presentation at Carrigan Intermediate in West Haven, one jumped out at me in the copier room and I decided there was a drastic need to get creative before my colleagues came in for the day. I went to my computer, designed a monster, and decorated in celebration of Halloween with a note wishing my neighbors the best, especially as they prep for classes and their own academic work.

I'm never sure if my humor and wit will be appreciated, but I left for Carrigan with a smile on my face.
"A little nonsense now and then, relished by the wisest men." ~ Roald Dahl
Any chance I have to create, innovate, jump outside the proverbial box, and put a smile on someone's face, I'll take. My personal Halloween plans are on the back burner and I haven't put any thought into the wackiness of the holiday, but I feel I contributed my share with my vicious monster binder. He seemed lonely by the copier and looked like he needed to be fed data, notes, handouts, and other shenanigans. I simply offered him a pair of teeth and eyes for intimidation factors.


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