Tuesday, October 14, 2014

That Moment When You Know You've Been Duped, But Must Go Along For The Ride and Suck It Up. Yep.

The plan was to meet Pam at Burlington's and then do Christmas Tree shop, then return home to run and prep for classes. I should have known when I walked into Burlington's and saw Sharon...and then Kaitlyn...and then Shirley...that I was tricked. They had an estrogen excursion pre-planned and wanted me in their menopausal shopping musical.

That's unfair.

Kaitlyn was cranky like me, too. "I was promised lunch," she confessed. And we got h-angry , but our whining didn't matter. They had shoes to buy, hats to try on, and every corner of every rack to rummage through.

Hand to head. Actually, I took a footpath to the sock table. I can always find 5 pairs of socks for $10. And I did. They had monster robot socks which were cool. Grrrrrwwwwwllllll beep beep.

Lucky for me, too, they said we could get food. We went to Over the Border and I knew I was in for it. Two beers and chips for lunch didn't compensate well with the healthy vegetables and grilled chicken I ordered (and because it was a bad day, I decided to make apple crisp, too - it's been a loooong time since I splurged like that).

The Christmas Tree shop wasn't as horrendous as I expected because the place has moved beyond cheap and tacky, to utterly junky, so we only spent a short time there...just long enough for me to find my wandering eye (which I left in the store for someone else to buy). Actually, I am now thinking that if I bought two eyes, and made a pair of glasses with them, that it might be a really cool costume for Halloween. Whoops, too late.

And I shouldn't be so harsh on the ladies. They were tame and helped distract me from my typical work-a-holic tendencies (although they admitted they usually trick Leo into their outings). After all, I did finish a book chapter before I met up with them, and returned home to work on other projects. I also got tomorrow's classes in gear, too.
This will help Ellen and me to have time during the day tomorrow to finish collaborative work we've been doing.

I've said it once and I will say it again, "Every weekend should allow for a three-day weekend. It makes all the difference in the world."

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  1. And then when I got home I was cruffed (cranky and stuffed)!