Tuesday, November 4, 2014

With a Lens on Serendipity, the Closest I will ever get to Royalty, and It's All Because of Twin Power

Last spring, I had the honor of being invited to a reading by Kwame Alexander and Nikki Giovanni in New York City. The Liberian twins were visiting from SUNY Brockport and we did the gig, with Diva Attallah Sheppard, together. While in Harlem, we ran into Coco and Breezy, twins who are friends with artist Gordon Skinner and Bob Albert, and I thanked the Great Whatever that we bumped into one another. They're an inspirational duo!

Fast forward.

I learned yesterday that Coco and Breezy designed the three-lens sun glasses Prince wore during his remarkable performance on Saturday Nigh Life this last weekend. I couldn't help but flashback to the Alien ware purchased for my favorite intergalactic Liberians, Abu & Lossine.

I will scrap this up to serendipity and fortune. Although I traveled to LA to see Prince perform at Staples arena (where the LA Clippers play) back in the 2000s to see the Musiciology tour, I had back row seats. The fact that Coco and Breezy designed the glasses he wore on Saturday Night Life has me completely star-struck and mesmerized. Seriously? They designed for Prince?

This is my contribution to creativity on Tuesday. After I post this, I am doing six hours of professional development and teaching back to back graduate courses. Phew. I am already tired.

The point of this blog?

It's all perspective (the third eye perspective) and keeping my eye on the universe pays off. It is amazing the number of coincidences that open up when one is susceptible to the world. 

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