Thursday, April 24, 2014

Heading to Chicago - Scripting Excitement for #IWPUSN14 @writingproject @FairfieldU @CWPFairfield

Bryan: So, my student, Victoria, had an idea for a theater program at the Brown School.
Shaun: And?
Bryan: I had no theater training, but I went to Actor's Theater of Louisville's Humana Festival and
experienced their ten-minute play festival.
Shaun: That sounds like my language.
Bryan: I knew I could teach short script-writing with my 11th grade English class. In fact, it worked
fluidly with the Greek Literature 6-week unit I already had in place.
Shaun: Get to the point.
Bryan: I used a few short scripts as models and asked the kids, "What do you think? Can you write
scripts based on your life?"
Shaun: Nice.
Bryan: Then, the students selected scripts and rehearsed them. They were performed through several performances and a tradition was born.
Shaun: Ah, that is why you came to Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Bryan: Yup. I knew your expertise could bring the writing tradition to a whole new level.
Shaun: And I had my students write. The National Writing Project tradition, right?
Bryan: Of course. Then I had my graduate students offer feedback.
Shaun: The kids took what you taught them. They got real excited.
Bryan: Well, your enthusiasm for what was possible also got them excited.
Shaun: You're right. I can be theatrical at times.
Bryan: And I also knew you had the digital guru stuff behind you. CWP-Fairfield fellow.
Shaun: And I wanted to document the process of the 1st Annual Playwright's Festival.
Attallah: What about me? Where do I fit in?
Bryan: I knew you were at Central and I introduced you to Shaun. They needed to hear your spoken
word talents. You're the Diva, after all.
Attallah: You gotta write!
Bryan: A'ight?
Shaun: The rest is history, of course. The video is a rough cut of some of what was accomplished.
Attallah: And I get to go to Chicago with you?
Bryan: Yup. This is hot. Ellen's coming, too. We need to share this!
Shaun: And share we shall! Look out, Chicago! Here we come!

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