Monday, April 28, 2014

With only two hours sleep, I arrived back to Fairfield, just in time for NCATE

There are many end-of-the-semester traditions, but this year there were a couple more added to the agenda. 1) My job came to an end at Fairfield University and 2) the university's accreditation needed to occur from NCATE.

Over the last few weeks I applied for a more permanent position with CWP@Fairfield - interviewed all over again - and I'm happy to say that when I returned from Chicago, I had a letter in the mail offering me a full-time, tenured track position to continue doing what I've set out to do in the Southern Connecticut.

Last night, two, all my colleagues in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions met together (some pictured here) to work with the NCATE team to discuss our work, community partnerships, vision, and courses with outstanding graduate students (the five pictured here are a slice of the enormous pie of the evening's introductions to our program).

Today, I will travel with the reviewing team to several schools, including Bassick High School, and allow them to talk with teachers, administrators, and students who we work closely with. This, of course, arrives after a night of much needed sleep after a fruitful time in Chicago with Bridgeport teachers and National Writing Project folks.

There's been little time to process the pace of the Great Whatever, but I am feeling centered in the way things are - everything evolves at exactly the right time and I've learned to slow down and accept things as they arrive. Okay, so they arrive quickly, but I am good with that, too.

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