Saturday, April 12, 2014

Literacies Essentials Conference, Writing To Inform - The Power of Political Cartoons

It's a simple premise, really.

Choose a theme that interests you (I typed in Charter schools and there were many to choose from).

Collect 10 or 12.

Choose two to include per page and a writing prompt.

Give the two cartoons and the prompt to others.

Have them answer: "Interpret the political cartoon. Explain what the cartoonish wishes to inform. Discuss the cartoon in relation to your understanding of the world.

Allow 10 minutes of free writing.

When finished, have individuals discuss what they wrote in pairs.

Call the group together and host a discussion.

From the discussion, collect knowledge of what is being said.

State the following: We now have bulleted points we want others to read.

Compose an op-ed piece.


That is the goal of my 70-minute workshop today at the Literacies Essentials Conference hosted by Central Connecticut State University. One of my academic heroes, Dr. Ernest Morrell, will be a keynote and, sadly, he is in a session that competes with mine.

Even so, I look forward to the opportunity to share an idea. It's what I did with young men in Upward Bound last summer and it resulted in Young Men of Bridgeport Must Stand for Integrity.

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