Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's Your Literacy Wingspan? Huh, Mr. Worthy? #The Crossover @kwamealxander @writingproject

Tomorrow, Monday, beckons the literacy event for the young people of Hill Central in New Haven, Connecticut, when Kwame Alexander, author of Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band and The Crossover travels to Connecticut for a day of presentation, empowerment, and meeting the author who has been central to yearlong professional development. The work was made possible through collaboration between Hill Central and CWP-Fairfield who successfully competed for a NWP 2013-2014 High Needs grant to provide interdisciplinary teamwork for literacy with the K-8 teachers at the school.

All students have learned from the Harlem Renaissance children's book (and promotion of creative jazz) and 7th and 8th graders have benefited from the breakout debut of the poetic storytelling in Alexander's new young adult novel.

Together, the literate community has begun to make connections between all subject areas in recognition of the benefits of supporting youth to be stronger readers, writers, and thinkers. The teachers, too, are in final phases of writing for digital production of their own narratives to promote the 'songs' they sing from their own classrooms - a community of unity.

It will be awesome to pick up my friend today and to introduce him to downtown New Haven all in preparation for Monday's literacy celebration (and yes, we agreed to participate in the basketball team's challenge to play the Hill Central staff. Kwame said, "Crandall, you know I always say yes." He may say yes, but those who know me best recognize I'm a better fan of the sport than player.

And after a night of Final Four gameplay, the real game for CWP-Fairfield takes place during the school day on Monday.
 A loss is inevitable
 like snow in winter.
True champions
to dance
 the storm.
 The day will be 'dunkalicious' indeed. I can't wait! The Rooster and Frog are at it again. We just need our Diva to join us.

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