Friday, April 25, 2014

Moving Right Along - The Muppets (well, @CWPFairfield) Take Chicago. @writingproject #IWPUSN14

While pulling the CWP-Fairfield troupe together yesterday morning, I sent an email reminder for them to memorize the song "Moving Right Along" from the first Muppet Movie.

Why? You might ask. Because that is what our entourage will be. We are a cast of Muppets 'moving right along' as we march to the tweets of a different flautist.

In the chaos of our end-of-the-semester hoopla, we have had this trip to Chicago as our 'light at the end of the tunnel. It's been on our mind and now we are here. Today, we will visit the Chicago Museum of Art for a three hour writing marathon - this, hopefully, after a 10K run along Lake Michigan - and, tonight, we will meet and greet with our national friends. The real treat, however, arrives tomorrow when the Urban Sites Network convenes at Loyola University.

Personally, I can't wait to meet Katy Smith, Illinois Writing Project, and give her a huge Fozzy Bear hug for pulling all of us together (it will be more like a Kermit Frog hug, but it's love all the same). Her commitment, dedication, perseverance, organization, and passion has united us all and it takes someone like her to make things happen. I am stoked to bring her some of the Connecticut drama that has culminated from the ways we've been Writing Our Lives!
Many Stories, One Focus: Writing a More Just Future
Yes, there's much to be excited about today, including an opportunity to hear from Lila Leff, founder of UMOJA Student Development Corporation and Sonia Nieto, language, culture, and literacy extraordinaire! I also have to give daps to Steven Zemelman for keeping the spirit of our urban work alive. I met him last year on a bus to and from the hotel in Alabama and instantly became a fan of his vision.

CWP-Fairfield is 'moving right along' and our troupe of four individuals, each of us a character, looks forward to a wonderful conference. Wait! Wait! Is Tonya Perry coming? If so, this frog is going to be 'skee weeing' all over the Windy City with her - she is the Queen of the Universe, after all.

We're ready to enjoy the show!

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