Sunday, June 29, 2014

And It's Sunday - A Photo Booth Fun Day To Celebrate Nikki Isgar's Graduation (and CNY's Heat). #2014

24 years later, I attend a CNS graduation with my sister, mom, Mike, Laura and Billy. I only read 40 pages of a new book or so, but it was an enjoyable experience to see how my alma mater pushes so many students across the stage so quickly.

And today, it's all about Nikki's party, good friends, plenty of food, and a few beverages (not to mention to the dress up photo booth that has strategically been arranged to keep the guest entertained).

Yesterday, however, it was great to see Akech Malaul again - now a senior at LeMoyne College and a biology major - and Marino Mauro (who it turns out is dating a Ph.D student at Syracuse University at the Reading and Language Arts Center. She arrived after I graduated, but she's in the family now and I can't wait to meet her).

But back to Nikki - this is her day (and not Crispy Cremes who is still trying to find out if Akech's mother had him before or after he was born --- yes, very much like Crissy on Three's Company). The hard work over the last 13 years pays off for Nikki and this is her day to entertain friends, welcome family, receive gifts, and talk about future plans and goals. It's also a day to see a collage of her faces, a history of her path, and a walk down her own memory lane.

Funny, I remember my graduation party like it was yesterday and I'm sure both my sisters remember theirs just the same. From this point on it all zooms and all the memories blur together.

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