Saturday, June 7, 2014

And This Man Is Looking For a Good Night's a comfortable bed with pillows

It's the little things in life. Last night, I checked into a hotel after a week of sleeping on a dormitory bed with a paper thin pillow. I do not know how anyone sleeps in a dorm any more and my back, head, legs, and entire body did what I could while at LSU.

Today, however, I can say that I awoke on an actual bed with a variety of pillows. I even had blankets to cover up with and carpet on the floor.

How I didn't wipe out on the linoleum after the shower in West Hall is beyond me.

Lucky for me, too, Sharon Kane from SUNY Oswego is in the same hotel so we were able to venture off for cajun food before we called it a night. My flight isn't until the afternoon and I have some time to do one more humid run in the Louisiana soup. My brain is totally fried and I will need every second of tomorrow to recuperate before heading into the office on Monday to initiate the beginnings of a rather intense and robust summer of writing programs.

Ah, but a bed. Real sleep. Comfort. This is a luxury that is worth every cent I paid.

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