Friday, June 20, 2014

Cherishing the Small Things In Life, Like Scoring Another Library Cart for Young Adult Literacy Labs

Yesterday was a day of lists and on this list, I inquired with the library to see if they had an extra book cart I could borrow to load young adult novels for the Young Adult Literacy Labs this summer. They said they did, so Ellen and I went down and scored!

Now, I already have one cart for the summer writing buckets, so now I can add my second cart for reading materials. I'm stoked. In a high school setting, one is given an entire classroom to hold items one needs. In college settings, one must visit classrooms on a spaceship. I used to laugh at the concept 'teacher on a cart,' but now I realize it is inevitable.

There's something to be said about creating a sustainable, classroom environment - this is not allowed at the university setting and might be, perhaps, one of the many misfortunes of college teaching.

Either way, this baby will be filled to the brim as Amazon continues to mail multiple copies of young adult novels to us - our goal: read an hour, write an hour, edit an hour, speak an hour, eat an hour, and play an hour. At the end, a publication.

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