Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Pieling' Back Another Layer of the Connecticut Life - Melissa Does UNH. Class of 2018

A year ago, Melissa and Ginette Piel came to Connecticut on their tours of northeastern colleges and universities. Right before the holidays, too, they were pretty sure she would go to the University of New Haven near my home so she scold study Marine Biology. Earlier this year, they made up their minds. I traveled to the campus to get a sweatshirt as confirmation of her decision. And now it is official. Melissa will be a member of the class of 2018 at UNH and she just soared through orientation the last two days.

The out-of-town guests have been a pleasure to host. They kept me company and were delightful over a.m. coffee every morning. Last night, too, they took me out to dinner and we had the awesomeness of Paradise Pizza after walking the beach  in Milford (and attempting, albeit briefly, a radio party full of Metallica hookers). I also have a new bottle of Woodford Reserves - I can't beat that.

As most know when they have seniors in school, the roads are far from easy and they vary family to family. Yet, with an eye on the prize, self-confidence, a devotion, and the drive, everything is possible and attainable, no matter how windy and bumpy those roads get. These are how some chapters are page at a time.

I wish the Piels safe travel back to Syracuse tomorrow, and know I will see them at CNS's graduation next weekend. They will back in Connecticut in August.

And I think they both need to drive orange vehicles like the one that caught my attention today at the biker bar. Why?Because then they would be Orange Piels! Yucca yucca yucca.

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