Monday, June 30, 2014

And the World's Shortest Vacation Is Over, But I Enjoyed My Trip To Syracuse As Always #CNYBoy4Life

So this is Billy.

Billy met Mark when we were sent by Nikki to go to the grocery store (Prithe Thopper) to buy tampons. Mark was there and looked like an expert, so he helped us shop. Mark did not help Billy pick out his tank top, however. That Billy picked out himself from either the tapestry of a Tex Mex restaurant or from an old Atari video game. Mark, however, helped Billy realize it is totally natural for an 18 year old boy to be sent to the store to pick up his girlfriend's feminine hygiene products.

Poor Billy. In the line, 10 items or less and self check out, the ATM card failed to work. 

No Billy, No. That couldn't be. Yep. 

So Billy had to run to his car and guess what? He DID have an emergency Tampax fund in his Suburu Outback.


And Mark was proud. In fact, he said he was traveling to Santa Fe to purchase a shirt just like Billy's.
And Billy began  jumping up and down because he made Bryan's blog. And so jumps Casey.

Casey is getting the final family photo-op of my short weekend in Cicero - this from the the Photo Booth idea at Nikki's graduation. Casey looks good as a blonde and has a nice smile.

It was a hot day and I don't think I've ever been more thankful for a swimming pool in my life. I admit it, too - a jump in a pool takes 10 years off your life and makes you feel 180% better. There should be a law that says every home must have a pool.

Which is not true of my home. I have a hose, but I don't have Bella to chase the water, so it's not as much fun.

Bye Bye, Syracuse. Until the next time.

I will be a phone call or email away. Keep the summer refreshing and fun-filled.

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