Sunday, June 22, 2014

In 13 Years, I will be 55. That is When JC, My Godson and Nephew, Will Graduate High School. Unbelievable.

I missed a historic day.

On Friday, 'Most Likely to Become a Comedian', Jacob Charles Barnwell, earned his pre-school diploma and the right to enter his first year of kindergarten. Next weekend, my niece, Nicole Ann, crosses the stage at my alma mater. It kills me, however, knowing that I wasn't in CNY for JC's big day.

I remember the night that JC was born because I babysat Shaun and waited for Dave to come home. "He looks like a pug," Dave said, coming home at 2 in the morning. "He looks like he's already been in a boxing ring."

But now he has a rose for his mom and I love this picture most of all. There were several to choose from, but I like the sincerity in his eyes in this shot. This is the way he's always looked up to his mother and father and I love the face he's making (thank you Kaleigh for capturing so much of the event for Uncle Bryan in Connecticut).

Speaking of, this is another recent shot I totally adored, especially as I know it's too hysterical to be made up. The Ding Dong man came through the neighborhood and, alas, he hit Chip or Dale (the investigators are still trying to decipher which). Shaun-man's and JC's reactions, with popsicles, are way too perfect for this summer scene.

In less than a week, I will be able to visit for a short while and soak in all the chaos that is family, love, joy, laughter, arguments, frustration, and zest. It will be a short-lived weekend, but I look forward to every second.

Congratulations, J.C., on you wonderful accomplishment of becoming a K-12 student. The next 13 years are on you and I promise I will continue to gray and get more aches so that when you graduate high school, everyone can say, "Hey, remember when you used to blog? That's so funny. I can't believe people used to do that. It's so old-school and hilarious."

Abu and Lossine will be 34. Nikki will be 31. Dylan will be 26. Yikes.

Meanwhile, my 57 year old sister, Jake's 53 year old mom, and I can look at yearbooks and old photographs from boxes and say, "Look at how big the hair was. Did you ever think our photographs would look so ancient."

And one day this reality will be Nikki's, Dylan's, Shaun-man's, and Jake's.

Tis the cycle that goes on and on and on.

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