Friday, June 27, 2014

Sometimes, You Just Can't Predict Anything In This World. When YouLeast Expect It You End Up Taking Your Parents Out For...

...Saki Bomb? Japanese hibachi? Really? Butch and Sue (and Butch's choice?).


To celebrate their 49th anniversary Butch and Sue wanted to try something new. Dad and I already found the way to Chubby's - fine eating and drinking right there - but he opted it would be good to try something new.

So, hibachi it was.

Butch even tried a Sopporo beer and Sue had an Orange Buddha. Nice to know the adventure is still in them, especially when they used to gag watching me eat Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

And they loved it. 

They celebrated their 49th. The couple to our left from Central Square celebrated their 15th - it was a first for them, too, so the entertaining chef with the volcanic onion, peeing oil boy, and samurai knife skills kept all engaged.

Of course, when we left We learn they have fresh scallops still in their shell (only served on Thursdays). This, THIS, they tell us after we already ate. Hibachi made for a great night, however, as did my mother matching Kermit in her pink top completing the watermelon look for the evening. Her response, "Wait, I need to get my green raincoat and get another photo." She does look mighty happy here, though, and I now can say I know what it feels like to be a passenger in my new car.

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