Thursday, August 28, 2014

Confession Time: I Have a Summer Vice, but I Am Not Ashamed To Admit It, Or Am I?

I am probably the world's worst consumer of television. I seldom know what people are talking about with their guilty pleasures: Scandal, America's Got Talent, Big Bang Theory, but I pretend that I'm following along.

Truth is, even when I try to watch the boob tube, I typically am distracted by books, grading, the Internet, and thinking. So, I listen to television, especially during basketball season.

Yet, this is my second summer where my little sister convinced me that I deserve to rest my over-thinking mind by succumbing to the absurdity of the Big Brother household. It's three nights a week, totally distracting, but totally addicting. I avoided this summer completely, but then somehow found myself in an online marathon to catch up. As a result, I was addicted once again.

Why? Humans suck. We backstab, manipulate, lie, form alliances, fabricate, and compete. In the real world it is much more difficult to see who your friends are and what behind-the-scenes shenanigans are going on. In the real world, most people don't get voted off the show, but on Big Brother, the behavior is recorded 24/7 for couch apes to view, interpret, comprehend, and wish.

I know it's sad, but I find myself once again hooked to the end-of-the-summer stupidity and, here's my confession, I'm totally a Donny fan. I love how he operates, what he stands for, and his ability to tolerate week after week the underdog status.

Last night, however, it didn't bode well for the bearded wonder kid. It's in the hands of the household, but I'm an eternal optimist that my viewpoints matter and I want Donny spared.

Damn, I will have to wait until tonight to find out. Send Nicole home. She's already had the practice.

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