Monday, August 25, 2014

That Moment When It Hits You...Summer Is Winding Down And That Is No Fair. Waaaaaaaaaah.

One of the last free concerts in the park for the summer and, I can say, I went. I had to work hard for it, though - syllabi, book chapters, keeping my running routine, answering emails, and getting the house in gear.

Then the Little League World Series happened and cut into my plans to enjoy the afternoon at the beach. Although Jackie Robinson West put up a fight, their last inning wasn't enough and they went down 8-4.

The Bernadettes played their oldies and I relaxed a bit, but then my mind was on Big Brother. Donny's loss crushed me because I'm always for the underdog and I love the mischief of foiling an egotistical plot. It's good for the Detonators, but the better game play is when everything turns in a new direction. Fudge.

But it's Monday. I am looking at the clocks and seeing the year-end report due to the National Writing Project and those pesky, pesky writing projects that need also to be submitted.

I am wishing myself luck. I got this.

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