Monday, August 11, 2014

The 2014 Hoops4Hope Benefit is a Wrap, Another Great Fundraiser For My Cousin and His Organization

Wow, is it already Monday morning?

We organized donated art, set up an auction area, hosted an event for Hoops4Hope, and entertained the East Hampton Sports Camp counselor extravaganza all in 24 hours.

In the meantime, a few pennies were earned for Hoops4Hope Africa and the work that is done in S. Africa and Zimbabwe.

A successful event, indeed.

And as a 'behind the scenes' fellow, I can only admit to my exhaustion - - - I can't imagine how my cousin is feeling (because as I type this, he's still running ragged to keep everything afloat.

At one point last night, I made the mistake of sitting still for a second and everything began to crash upon me. I'm fried. I can only imagine how Mark feels.

So much goes into making the evening a success, and I am thankful that I continue to be a part of it. Donated art. Gift cards. Appetizers. An open bar. A beautiful home. And a spectacular cause.

For me? I get to drive home before heading to Georgetown. Mark and his counselors have another week of Sports camp - actually three more weeks. I wish them luck. All I can think about it sleep.

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