Friday, August 8, 2014

My First Ever iPhone Movie (No Laptop, No IPad...Totally with a SmallScreen and Huge Fingers) @cwpfairfield @fairfield

Alas, I departed as a terrible captain and didn't stay until the last mates exited the ship. For the last seven weeks, I've worked with teachers and students at Fairfield University and today, this morning, is the final day of Young Adult Literacy Labs. Together, we've worked with over 120 youth and assisted 25 educators in designing and tuning their own practice. I like to think it's been a tremendous success (but will need to analyze the data to be sure).

I challenged myself to learn the iPhone version of iMovie on the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson. Impressed, as always, by Shaun Mitchell's technological skills, I wanted to see what I could do if I only had my phone. The above is the "Welcome" note from me to the audience for this afternoon's performance prom of college essays and narratives.

CWP-Fairfield finished with a bang and the group of 8 writers were phenomenal. I left yesterday feeling very proud of what they've accomplished and know with all my might they are in the best hands.

A TREMENDOUS shout-out to Ellen Israel for running ragged behind the scenes making this summer's reconfiguration possible (and note: she was a teacher in the last lab!). None of our summer success could have been possible without her.

She's simply the best.

Also, check out the 6-word snapshots of the larger composing the young writers did this week:

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