Monday, August 4, 2014

Move-Back Monday - Remembering the Days of Wiffleball, but Playing in New Haven, CT with @_silvergal

This was my team and WE WERE VICTORIOUS. Yes, I had basketball and football players (a few artists in the mix), but I'm happy to say I scored the run that gave us the game.

Did I expect anything else from Team Silver? I think not.

In truth, we all were winners in New Haven, Connecticut, because we spent our Sunday afternoon with cheeseburgers, salad, frisbees, basketball, wiffleballs, and cake. There's no losing with that combination.

And I'm thankful to Mike and Kathy Silver, and their sons, for opening the house to everyone  and creating an environment for laughs, good company, athleticism, competition, and fun times. Personally, I think we should form a league and meet one another every weekend. I'm even willing to buy more wiffleball sets and to bring my frisbee back east.

But today, I must concentrate on the final week of CWP-Fairfield: Who Do You Think You Are? College Essays and Other Narrative Writing. It will be sad to be without teachers and Ubuntu Academy, but I'm thrilled to meet the last cohort of young writers attending a young adult literacy lab at Fairfield University.

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