Sunday, August 10, 2014

Highlight of the Day - An Almost Full Moon Over the Bay as We Finish Collecting Art Work For the Benefit

The silent auction is about done. More and more artists vacationing in the area are donating their contributions to the benefit. Mark and I stopped at summer homes to pick up the gifts they've given. At one of the homes, we noticed there was a full moon (you have to look close at the photo in the left hand corner).

The sky was also pink, but I didn't capture it here. Instead, I captured the calm of the day.

Not quite sure what's in the air that has my allergies going, but I am thankful for Visine. Also didn't get to cook dinner until 9 p.m. because the electricity was out.

No complaints, however. The weather is beautiful and the scenery is always fantastic. Today will be busy with last minute work, but all will be well. So far we're ahead of schedule.

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