Sunday, August 24, 2014

The 'No Excuse' - Items Invented in Syracuse List of National Contributions (not bad, not bad)

Stop! I mean, Go! No, Yield! You Can Thank Syracuse For That.

My Aunt Sue in Long Island sent me a link to Buzzfeed's Top 20 Syracuse Inventions and, as a result, I have a Sunday morning post that creatively makes me proud to be a 'Cusian. Although Michael John Heagerty lists 20 innovations born out of Central New York, I wish to only highlight a few.

The Traffic Signal

Whenever you approach a light, you can give a shout out to Syracuse, New York. If you run through them and get caught, you might want to thank anyone because you're screwed for being an idiot.

The Brannock Device

Earlier this summer, my nephew Sean made a toy out of the Brannock device when I was getting fitted for new sneakers at Fleet Street. Every Al Bundy in the universe is thankful for this contraption.


Since we're on the subject of shoes and feet, why not thank the Syracuse community for offering us preppy protection for our 10 little piggies who go to the market and elsewhere.

Serrated Bread Knife

It seems logical that the Italian influence of the area and the wonderful breads from many bakeries would also be fodder for inventing a way to slice into them.

Bike Gears

Lance Armstrong would have never made history of The Tour, or with his post-tour fall of grace, if it wasn't for the inventiveness of Syracuse, New York.

The Dentist Chair

Okay, so I hate this invention and everything that takes place in this gizmo (and I'm afraid of what was used before it was imagined, but every time you spit comfortably in a lounge chair at your dentist, thank the Salt City.

The other novelties can be found at the link above, but I know I'm starting this day of rest (ha!) with much pride for the land I know as home (even if I'm no longer there)

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