Saturday, August 2, 2014

@CWP-Fairfield Journalism '14 - The Art of News with Brynn Mandel and @_mitchellaneous

And here we are at the end of week five of Young Adult Literacy Labs and an Invitational Summer Institute at Fairfield University. This week, the youth came to campus to explore 21st century journalism with writer, now teacher, Brynn Mandel, and tech-guru extraordinaire, Shaun Mitchell. 

The above video is a collaborative exploration of the young writers on why news matters to them. Yesterday, the students shared their feature articles at the week's prom and also several of their first-ever digital stories (it's amazing what the young can do with their phones!).

With the expertise of Ellen Israel's publishing abilities, the student were able to compose a newspaper of their week which was also shared at the event.

Yet, whereas today is Saturday - a break from the summer work - I am planning on taking advantage of a rainy day to write letters of recommendation, to offer feedback on teachers' portfolios, and to think ahead to the personal/college essay lab schedule for next week. When I got home on Friday I crashed for two hours. It's stupendous to have these opportunities with so much excitement, but it truly is exhausting.

I admit, though, this tired feeling is one of accomplishment, especially in celebration of what the students and teachers are able to do.

The expertise of Shaun and Brynn are totally appreciated - they put together weeklong instruction that should be replicated in schools all across the country.

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