Monday, January 20, 2014

I now know the major difference between the work week and a three-day weekend in celebration of Martin Luther King...

on a three-day weekend, there's time to pee.

Actually, there's also time to cook some and to chisel away at the major projects that pile up in January: grants, research proposals, articles, summer courses, project evaluations, meeting notes, and agendas for the semester.

Truth is, I really didn't cook. I bought a pre-cooked chicken and stripped the meat off it for the week (keeping the wishbone for Pammy so either she or I will have luck), and added water to instant potatoes. Man, I need my own cooking show.

Still, the truth is, I was able to pee more this weekend and allowed myself time to do just that. Monday through Friday, it is rare to take time for such biological functioning.

Sad, I know. And I need to work on that.

Yet, there's so much work to be done. The more I learn about the changes in educational policy across the United States, the more discrepancies I see between the haves and have nots, and the more testing before teaching paradigm I see overhauling American schools, the harder it is I feel I must work. We need to do something about it and, well, because we don't have money, we have to do what we can through writing, reading, and getting political.

I heard once that all Connecticut offers to the U.S. is its wit. Well, let's hope mine continues to be used for purposes to bring better opportunities to youth and teachers in the United States.

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