Saturday, January 25, 2014

If Justin Bieber was arrested, then there's room for a new pop cultural icon to take center stage upon the American tabloid of nothingness. MOI.

Um, no thank you.

This was me in my office yesterday trying to arrange a party for 35 people at the Webster Arena on February 13th in celebration of the work with IRIS - Integrated Refugees and Immigrant Services and collaboration with my English 11/12 students. We run for Refugees on February 2nd and on the 13th, we show support for Kyle Koncz and Sydney Johnson, coaches of the Fairfield Basketball team, with relocated youth in Connecticut.

Why the sexiness?

Believe it or not, I was in work mode. The hat was to concentrate. The glasses were to show the Northstars why I think their show would be enhanced with Cecile McLorin Salvant's frames (but in white), and the teeth were for my administrative assistant who took the day off for a trip to NYC with her husband for her birthday: I shot the photo so she'd know what she was missing back on campus.

Seriously, I'm best looking when I'm overwhelmed with everything I have to get done. That's a fact.

Today, more of the checklist was accomplished, but the major projects MUST begin tomorrow. I have this weekend and this weekend alone to get them done. Then, a blitz of presentations at several schools begin and there's little time to sit at my desk.

I think I should should have Pam teach me how to upload this photograph to all the dating sites she and her friends visit. I'd be par for the course. And I'm still wondering if the kind woman at Webster arena had any clue that this is what I looked like while talking to her on the phone and making  arrangements.

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