Monday, January 27, 2014

OK Go! The Goldberg Machine Incorporated into the Music Industry: Puzzling Mechanisms to Make Things Work

Sunday morning on CBS featured the 2013 Golderg Mechanic Award for the engineering ingenuity to hammer a nail in an innovative and creative way. Any boy (or girl) who ever played with marbles and matchbox cars as a kid more than likely created wonderful obstacle courses for their toys through finding available items and arranging them in a way to move their imaginations along. Known as the grandfather of inventions, the whimsical thinking of Rube Goldberg demonstrates what original ways  can do when given a chance to think outside the box towards mechanization and movement occurs.

It's Monday, and I'm thinking about the ways I move my world around. With all there is to do I am wondering how I can reinvent my world in the traditions of the gizmo geeks. It seems rather impossible right now, but someday in my life, I hope to invent something as clever as that which Goldberg is famous for.

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