Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Poetic Soul & Arts...Discovering the Shanna Melton Collection in Bridgeport - #LetTheRevolutionBegin

For the last three years, I've been scanning the Connecticut scene looking for the right shade of purple magic from poetic communities who define communication through an artistic perspective built from vision, integrity, purpose, and soul.

I found this yesterday afternoon at Panera Breads on Black Rock Turnpike where I met Shanna T. Melton, curator of the PoeticSoulArts movement in Bridgeport and artist/poet/photographer/writer and dreamer.

Although cold. the warmth of possibility and better days ahead blossomed out of the frozen ground after sharing a short time with her and Sonya Huber over a cup of coffee.  Shanna's thoughts can be found on her blog, but her artistic influence and inspirational, poetic collectives has a name for itself in Bridgeport. It was a warm thing to learn during the last week of January (when the polar vortex dips upon us again).

Shanna T. Melton works with young people in Bridgeport City Schools on a daily basis, but lives, artistically and soulfully, through the art she expresses within the Kuumba scene north of the Long Island Sound.

This is my throwback to Ubuntu, 2013. It is Kreativitet 2014. Let the (re)visionary re-love-utions begin......

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  1. Thanks you for this! I just found it today and it made me smile. It was wonderful meeting you as well!