Sunday, January 26, 2014

On Sunday Mornings, I miss old fashioned newspapers, especially the comics with a new Gary Larson cartoon. #TheFarSide

Sunday mornings remain my favorite space of the week.

Sunday evenings, not so much.

I love waking up groggy, wiping the sleep out of my eye, playing my games, and scanning the world's news. It's just that I haven't received the Sunday paper in several years and the Sunday morning ritual has begun to blur with the rituals of every morning. News is constant and nothing surprises me, or catches my interests more, on the lazy rituals of the great day of rest.

I miss Gary Larson cartoons, too. Loved by science and history teachers across the nation (for the humorous ways they could use his wit in class) and loved by quirky thinkers and 'off beat' dreamers, his weekly Sunday morning illustration became a Sunday morning bonus of colorful, creative ways of looking at the world.

Personally, I think the world could use another Larson. Perhaps there's an App I can subscribe to that will send me clever cartoons of the week through my iPad or iPhone. I will have to check into soon.

George, I think it would be a wise thing to do. If I had technological talents, I would get on this App right away.

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