Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday Night, Cold Weather, Friends, a Mushroom Burger, and Band-Aid Entertainment

The last Saturday one has before he or she knows a work week will present itself again after a two-week holiday vacation is usually bitter sweet. On one hand, the preference to stay indoors from the cold weather is enticing and on the other hand, knowledge that 'free time' is limited creates a natural tension. The deal was, "If someone can come up with an idea before the sun sets, then I will find a way to leave my house for some entertainment."

The decision was made to go to The Tavern in Monroe and, lucky for me, Shirley keeps bandaids in her case met for her glasses (and bunions). Pam challenged me to make a pig nose and to create a spooky eye. I doctored up my nose and fooled with my hair to look like the Heat Meister. It was Crandall-Stud all the way around.

Now, I could have stayed home and worked on 2014 goals I have for adolescent literacy, conferences, and grants, but instead I got the hamburger I wanted (worth every calorie, too). This, I suppose, is the perfect way to spend the Saturday night before the frantic lifestyle begins again.

I have to remind myself that creative outlets matter, including an evening out with friends.
But I owe Shirley a new bandaid. She was saving it for the callouses on her heels.

The flexibility in my life will be limited in 3...2...1..

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