Friday, January 24, 2014

I totally stole this image off a Russian website because I think it looks like me..I couldn't read a word, though.

I usually like to give credit to artists when I find pieces of work that I like. I went on a mini-rampage today to find an image that showcased literature as art. I ended up on a blog where a kid collected images from around the world and when I clicked on the image, it took me to Russia for a while. Here's the title of what I pretended to read,
Барак Обама и Далай Лама из телефонного справочника
I am pretty sure it translates, "This is Bryan Ripley Crandall from Stratford, Connecticut." If you go to the page, you can scan through rather wonderful artistry until you find this sketch of me before my coffee. Actually, I'm not sure - I think this might have been drawn after my coffee.

Truth be told, I dumped the first paragraph into Google translate and found out,
Alex Kverel (Alex Queral) carves portraits of celebrities from old telephone directories. Before creating effigy hundreds of pages with names and phone numbers, the artist draws a person on plain paper and then carefully cuts with a blade, page by page and sometimes paints with acrylic paints. This work requires a lot of time and accuracy, so Alex works only on about two per month. 
Ну, там вы идете Брайан, вы обнаружили новое хобби для себя, вдохновленный этой Kveral парнем. Круто. This means,
Well, there you go Bryan, you've discovered a new hobby for yourself, inspired by this Kveral guy. Cool. 
Is it Friday yet? 

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