Thursday, January 9, 2014

Imagine if you wake up one day and you are only a centimeter tall. First steps? Labor in the kitchen. @minimiam

Holy Lilliputions, Gulliver! What a wonderful find for 2014. Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle are brilliant. This is one of the greatest discoveries ever!

Yesterday, I was introduced to the artwork of Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle's Minimiam (translated, Mini Yum) - the creative collaboration of a wife and husband team in France. The two place miniature people together with random items of food and showcase whimsical characterization, labor, story, and  perspective. Interested in food and photography, their work has been a European celebration and least that is what I'm guessing from the numerous blog articles on them.

I can see why, too. For fun, I did a basic Google search and discovered several photographs that quickly threw my grumpiness out the window. (You can do the same by clicking here).

I now want to put all the tiny figurines in my own home to work (yes, I have several as Angela Lomax, class of 2006, initiated that trend). Already I imagine the Samurai warrior who cooks with me unionizing with the peanut hammerer (above) to create a revolution against Creative Crandall. They could be good friends and, for fun, ride the miniature turtles, frogs, and ladybugs I have as they war to bring rights to their world from the dictator that I am.

 I also think the artwork of Ida and Javelle will be extremely useful in writing workshops with students of all ages (including their teachers). I hope to begin this tradition very soon.

Looking through their photography, I grew the same smile as when I first saw the french film, Amelie and when I learned of Waking Life. I really wish more people were born with this brand of genius. For today anyway, I shout to them with a Kuumba! Kreativitet Award. Wonderful.
La vraie éloquence se moque de l'éloquence, la vraie morale se moque de la morale. True eloquence mocks eloquence, true morality mocks morality. Pascal.

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