Sunday, February 16, 2014

An attempt at a good deed, weather permitting, and semi-success (sort of). Well, Syracuse won.

Since last December, I've tried to arrange 10 relocated refugee youth to attend a Fairfield University basketball game at Webster Arena with my 19 freshmen students. I've cancelled twice now, due to weather, and then rearranged for this evening (and the weather still sucked). In total, I had 1 young man from Iraq who could come and not a single Stag. I would say I batted zero, but I was glad to attend the deserted game if only one student could attend - he arrived from Iraq two months ago and this was his first cultural outing.

The ice this morning was thick, but the temperatures melted most of it. When we left the game, however, the snow they predicted was falling. Everyone made it home safely (and I hope Fred Kuo, pink shirt and #1, did the same).

We will try this again on the 28th - the last home game. I wanted this to be my birthday present, but mother nature wasn't cooperative, as usual. Oi Vay.

At least I got home for the Syracuse game and I'm thankful for my high school friend, Todd Teeter, who told me we could get it online through ESPN3 - he's navigated SU basketball games on the other side of the Long Island Sound for some time.

And it's official, I'm now the age of Jackie Robinson's #. This is good news to me, and I'm stoked. I wasn't sure I would make it with how the Orange played last night.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius....

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