Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nurturing the "Art and Soul" of what I do with Gordon Skinner - an artist who I love to know @balbert3 @Paintdeez

Whenever I introduce friends to the artwork of Gordon Skinner, I always say, "He will be silent about what he does, but everything you need to know will be found in the work he communicates to the world - art is his medium, and his still waters run deep. He needn't say much. Everything that needs to be seen (and felt) can be experienced in the way he frames his soul."

Gordon Skinner's new collection, "Art and Soul" can be viewed at the the art gallery located at Erector Square in New Haven, Connecticut. Bob Albert and Shante Skinner, collaborators in his vision, were also present at the showing, making yesterday a wonderful day. The trio has become a part of my Connecticut home.

This week, too, was intense (read previous posts).

Yet,  I had stellar lights at the other end of the never-ending tunnel: the Duke/Syracuse match up (phew, Syracuse won), and the premiere of Gordon Skinner's new paper sketches. As usual, I wasn't disappointed; the integrity of Skinner's craft continues to communicate a narrative crossing urban terrains, color, discrimination, hope, curiosity, history, and wonder. I've met many individuals in Connecticut, but I'm unsure if I've met a soul as deep as his.

Also unique to this event was the opportunity to meet and see a small collection created by Coco and Breezy.  Based in Brooklyn, the twin sisters craft a story of duplicitous minds.  Their eyewear creations have been worn by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj and many others. They host "Wearable Art" - ha, if Beyonce can wear it, then I know they are in a terrain of celebrity. It was easy for me to see why Skinner collaborates with the two.

There's a rigorous Sunday ahead, but I'm thankful I took the moment on Saturday to meet with Skinner. My creative soul was nurtured, and I'm thinking strategically ahead. First, however, I need to run a 5K for refugees - a mission for living a life with purpose.

Here's to the purple crayons invested unto a wonderful mind, personality, and creator. Until the next show....

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