Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SquadSquawks, 2014 - the official playlist of EN 12 and the soundtrack of their chosen songs. #IMissMixedTapes

On Monday, we officially narrowed down our nominations to the 21 songs for this year's soundtrack of our collective lives. We accomplished this through the argument we had with ourselves for choosing the two songs we did. The majority claim that selecting only two songs was next to impossible, but I made it more interesting on Monday by stating they could only fight for one in the end.

The result, another year of bonding through song analysis and argumentation. I now have the .mp3s and will distribute them to students on Thursday.

Once upon a time, I loved the mixed tapes made for me. This moved to my love of burning CDS in the 2000s. Now, I'm told by them, that there are online programs where you can create song lists for others and they can visit there to collect what they want. I wonder, though, if students of this generation get to feel the love and funk that goes into creating a soundtrack for someone they know. Back in my day, the mixed tapes came with letters and justification for the selection. Perhaps it's too easy now and the humanity is  lost.  Then again, I still creatively am doing this and sharing.

So here they are (and yes, I knew few of these songs myself before they introduced them to me.
  • Electric Feel - MGMT
  • The High Kings - The Parting Glass
  • The Bravery - Ours
  • Those I've Loved - Eric Church
  • How the Might Fall - Counterfeit Junkies
  • Let It Be - Beatles
  • Love Me Again - John Newman
  • Greatest Love - Whitney Houston
  • O Meray yaar, To mera Pyar
  • I am not a robot - Marina and the Diamonds
  • Boss Ass Bitch - PTSSA
  • Closing Time - Semisonic
  • If the World Crashes Down - Iglesias
  • Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
  • Pain - Tupac
  • How to Save a Life - The Frey
  • 100 Years - Five for Fighting
  • Don't Blink - Kenny Chesney

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