Monday, February 3, 2014

And the highlight of my weekend: recruiting runners, Team Cornerstone, for RUN FOR REFUGEES in New Haven, Connecticut

the smallest moments are the largest.
The universe of possibilities
finds complexity in the simplicities
of fellow men and women running with a cause.                                      
Yesterday, 15 of us, Team Cornerstone, raced a 5K in support of Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services. Together, we donated almost $320 in entry fees that would benefit the important work their agency does in the State of Connecticut.

And it was a heat wave, too. A balmy sprint in 40 degrees that parted the fog only to reveal a sunny morning. I am very thankful to the First Year Cornerstone program at Fairfield University who makes extended class time possible through course grants. We've worked with IRIS, Coach Sydney Johnson, the Run For Refugees event, and in a week, we meet with relocated youth at a home Stags basketball game.

At the finish line, we were fortunate to be greeted by Daniel Trust, a Rowandan genocide survivor who is doing work in Bridgeport - it was obvious we needed to exchange information.

In total, I believe there was a record 700+ runners at the event. As I told my team, "A lot of people wake up on Sunday morning with dreams of nachos and cheese, pulled pork, and beer. We, on the other hand, woke up with a mission - an opportunity to bring good to the world in 3.2 miles."

By noon, we returned to our normal lives (which meant for me an 8-hour romp in the office to get my dossier day.

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