Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perhaps I'm a poor sport, but I totally feel Boeheim's rage. I applaud him (and am not a coach for a reason).

I've been watching Jim Boeheim for as long as I can remember, but I don't think I've ever seem him as heated as he was last night when he received the technical foul at Duke. I was out of my seat cheering for the basket and foul when the charge was called and everyone I was with were like, "What?"

Then Boeheim lost his %$#$@%.

I'm not one to believe conspiracy theories, but I read many of the "Good ol' Boy" comments of the ACC and their pride - not wanting a Big East team to come south to do damage. The call that was made was ludicrous and I had a coaching title, I may have punched the referee in the face. My temper can get the best of me, and that is what the coach showed last night.

I expected a good match and it was received, although I thought both teams were having a difficult time making shots. Calls on the paint were questionable throughout the evening, but that last one was a final straw. Many argue that Coach Boeheim lost the game for Syracuse, but I would say he won for Syracuse and their fans. That is not the officiating I like to see in a Division I game against excellent programs.

I'm just glad he didn't pop an aneurism with that fury. I almost did watching him.

It is a game, and I know we need creative outlets to show good sportsmanship. The boiling water runneth over at times, though. Perhaps we'll need to get good knitting needles to pacify our time during officiating like that - to prove our cool, calm, and disposition.

This too shall pass.

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