Monday, February 10, 2014

Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings, a hockey game, grading, and preparation for the week to come.

Was there a weekend?

I'm trying to answer that question as I tried to work with the 48 hours to regroup, recover, and reconvene for the week ahead, but sadly, I think I failed.

My huge accomplishment? I was creative with food in my fridge and made a crockpot of chicken and dumplings to carry me through the week, but my brain was not operating at its full capacity, and even if I have a full stomach, my mind went numb for productivity.

With the snow flurries on Sunday night, I simply wanted to lay my head to the pillow and rest up so I would have the energy for accomplishing the new checklist I've created for February. I think I'm in a state of season mood disorder, as I'm cold, cranky, and simply exhausted.

But today is Monday and it's time to tap the muses to get crackling again. I've got this (he says, with fingers crossed).

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