Saturday, February 1, 2014

I needed a good night's rest (like Big Bird) after a busy week (and today's Cuse/Duke game)

For those who have kept up with me this week, you'll understand why I simply need a nest and many zzzzzzz's. My goal for this morning was to sleep in, so that when I wake up, I can edit a journal article, put two months of laundry away, and revise my dossier that is due on Monday. Of course, I have two grants to upload, too. We're all set for the 5K tomorrow morning - Running For Refugees with 20 of my Peeps.

The bulk of the insanity is over, however, and I can be more paced over the next week.

This week? Not too bad: over 100 MLK essays read, judged, and awarded, 1,000 Poems for Peace celebrated through the English department, a MLK march, and a conference for 80+ middle school youth. Supervising student teachers and teaching courses was the fun stuff I did on the side, along with collaborating with high school teachers in science, ESL, and English.

The heater, too, is now fixed. Ball bearings! That was the issue.

All week - with all the work - I kept laughing. I know people thought I was insane (a jolly middle-aged Buddha), but laughter is the creative way I cope with stress when it is a wee bit over the top.

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