Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feeling Triumphant! Post Digital Learning Day Snow Storm Accomplishments @officialDLDay #sleepisgood

There are many reasons to celebrate this Thursday, including my Syracuse roots, a #1 Orangemen rating, and my father's influence on making me a Nordic man who is capable of tackling 9 inches of snow and ice without exhaustion. Yes, I'm still a son of a Butch, which means that my pride for orange and blue remains, as does the sense of happiness that arrives from four hours of shoveling, snowplowing, and de-icing. Take that Mother Nature.

With this noted, a snow day also afforded me the opportunity to finish a digital production, create new syllabi, catch up on course readings, and fool-around on Facebook all day. I also ate a dinner of chicken and potatoes - that is the amazing reality of a man given a day to unwind!

And it all culminated with participation in Teachers Teaching Teachers with reflections on Digital Learning Day with some of my favorite National Writing Project people and the stellar craftmanship of Paul Allison.

No, that is not a fist of power, but a thawing hand that feels empowered by the virtue of having life in the 21st century and an incredible job (he looks at calendar, smiles, and realizes, "Well, so much for a day off. Tomorrow, I'm tripled book throughout many hours of the day").


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