Saturday, March 1, 2014

Education is the most powerful lesson, indeed, to change the world; first we must do something with it.

He wakes up. He drives to University of New Haven and purchases a sweatshirt for a friend's daughter who was accepted there next year.

He drives to Hill Central. He works with literacy leaders and plans two months worth of professional development, digital literacy work, and SLAM poetry events (while delivering 40 copies of Troy Hick's book and a few iPads).

He drives to Bassick in Bridgeport to meet with the administrative team to celebrate the partnership work that led to the New England Board of Higher Education Excellence Award and picks up dual enrollment student, Anmol Tabassum.

He arrives to the press conference where Mayor Bill Finch and Fairfield University President, Jeffery P. von Arx announce the award and gives a shout out to the Connecticut Writing Project, several colleagues, Upward Bound, Gear Up, and student, Anmol Tabassum.

He drives Anmol to her father's store and heads to his office to get work done. He calls Daniel Trust, Rwandan genocide survivor and collaborates an evening for him to visit camp.

He learns that 7 young men have signed up to attend a Fairfield University home game against Marist with his EN 12 class, but doesn't know how to get them there. He rents a van. He uses the van and picks up the young men who have been in the United States for only a few months.

He attends the game and watch the Stags win on their Senior night. He drives the kids home, but realizes their English is limited and many of them do not know where they live. He thanks the Great Whatever that he has enough cellphone battery to plug in makeshift addresses to navigate city streets at 10 pm.

He arrives home at 11 pm.

I agree with Mandela...Education is the solution and I will do everything in my power to make as much knowledge accessible to all students, especially those who are often overlooked. #proteacher #prokid #lovingtobelieveinhope

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