Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When I left work last night, it was 68 degrees. The inevitable happened. I laced up.

I'm big. I'm blubbery. I ache a lot. But I AM PERSISTENT.

I could see from my window yesterday that something was going on outside. I heard music. I heard laughter. I looked out my window and people were strolling, not hunkered in walking fetal positions trying to stay warm from arctic air. I knew that something changed outside.

Then I stepped out and felt it. Temperature.

Although I've spent the last two months running indoors and using weights, I came home to put on shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and an old pair of Sauconys. I ran the route I haven't run in a few weeks and it felt great.

I couldn't help but inhale the oxygen and feel incredibly good. I know there's a storm on the way, but I'm feeling optimistic it will push north. Yes, my knees crack every time I step up or down stairs, but when I run, I feel focused and re-energized. I come back in and am able to keep my brain motivated for a couple more hours.

I am very ready for it to be an everyday thing again. Most likely, however, it will be back to the gym for the rest of this week. Above 30 degrees, I get outside. When it falls below, not so much.

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